Intelligent Street Light Management System

Intelligent Street Light Management

Facilitates management of street lights by cutting down avoidable wastage. This is achieved through comprehensive remote management of lights including measurement of consumption, switching on and switching off along with real time fault detection.

The MicroSync Suite Intelligent Streetlight Management solution offers a broad range of capabilities. The solution consists of installing a MicroSync device in a supply cabinet for the lighting in a particular segment. Two way communication between the controller device and server happens via GSM network. Monitoring and control of lights can then be done remotely from the server. The solution has been designed specifically keeping in mind the challenges and requirements of Street light operators and owners (Public / Private Sectors) that need an intelligent Street lighting management system.

Key Features Quick Enquiry
  • Monitoring and control - Instantaneous remote operation, preset scheduling.
  • GSM/GPRS based communication between MicroSync Suite Server and Controller device.
  • Import of schedules from Excel sheets. Schedule status and execution history.
  • Remote Metering and Monitoring of Vital Statistics like load patterns and actual consumption.
  • GPRS / GSM Communication failure does not affect the preset operations.
  • Inbuilt scalability to support large lighting networks.
  • Configurable Reports and Graphs for data analysis – Instantaneous Parameters / Cumulative Energy Parameters / Operational Hours etc.
  • Graphical and Tabular presentation of data
  • SMS Alerts in case of failure [ON/OFF alerts] with time stamp shall be made available at server end.
  • User selectable date and time range for viewing Daily / Weekly reports
  • Alerts and Alarms for threshold crossing of various parameters like Voltage & Current Imbalance, Operation / Non Operational Lights
  • Export of data and graphs into Excel and Word
  • Remote device diagnostics for better operational management
  • 24x7 System Availability

Latest News

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  • Meters tested and approved by one of the Power Departments in the Middle East.
  • Initiated field trials procedure with a leading private power transmission company in Mumbai
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